Tree of Savior has 90 classes, but soon he will get another one

Tree of Savior (additionally understood as TOS) is a totally free massively multiplayer online function having fun game created by IMC Gamings. The game was established by Kim Hakkyu, designer of Ragnarok Online while the video game s background songs was done by various teams and artists like SoundTeMP, the very same team understood for their soundtracks in Ragnarok Online and Granado Espada. TOS is based upon typical Lithuanian society as well as folklore. Tree of Savior was very first revealed at Hangame Ex-spouse in 2011 under the code name Project R1 ; leading to the accomplishment of the title spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online . The game was published to Steam Greenlight on May 12, 2015 as well as authorized in much less than 10 hrs. The International version was launched through Steam as a Creator s Early Gain access to video game on March 28, 2016, with the video game releasing as a free-to-play title on April 28, 2016.

Great information for all present as future players Tree of Savior. Spiritual successor online Ragnarok will grow soon about a new charm class - Luchador.

Luchador is a Swordsman specialization that uses strength ... own hands, asking big injuries, but also - and this is the main advantage of this character - disturbing the skills of enemies.

Luchador is a melee-debuffer who stuns opponents, knocks to the ground, reducing their efficiency in the fight.

At this address you will find a description of Luchador s skills:

Tree of Savior has 5 major archetypes ...

Swordsman Wizard Archer Cleric Scout

... however, the total number of all specializations / sub-classes have already exceeded the number of 90. The game has so much possibilities to create a hero (at different stages of the game) that there is no way to find a dream form.

Such Cleric can become a priest, then paladin, then a druid to end, for example, as an exorcist.


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